Microfill™ EVF Vertical DC Micro Via Filling Process


Microfill™ EVF Via Fill provides enhanced microvia filling, with simultaneous through-hole plating capability, at previously unattainable surface thicknesses. Formulated to operate in existing equipment over a broad range of operating conditions, this plating bath is suitable for both HDI and IC substrate applications.

Key Benefits:

  • Low plating thickness (20 µm)
  • Simultaneous microvia filling and through-hole plating
  • Easy analytical procedure by conventional CVS
  • Rectangle trace profile for wire bond application
  • Compatible with both soluble and insoluble anodes
  • Excellent reliability

100µm dia x 60µm deep,
12µm surface copper

70µm dia x 35µm deep,
15µm surface copper

Image Component

150µm dia x 100µm deep,
20µm surface copper

0.15mm dia x 1.0mm deep,
20µm surface copper