Thick Film Multilayer Capacitor Materials for Ceramic

DuPont thick film multilayer capacitor materials for ceramic are used in high voltage, high frequency applications including safety mechanisms and energy storage.

Designers across all industries, and especially automotive and aviation, rely on DuPont’s thick film multilayer capacitor materials to develop a wide variety of applications and substrates.

Key attributes of the materials include green strength; solder acceptance and adhesion; dip cosmetics; and plating characteristics so that tumbling and burnishing are not required. These materials are used to create all classes of capacitors, from resonant circuit to coupling and decoupling. You’ll find them in a broad assortment of products and applications, including transmitters, safety mechanisms for amplifiers and motor starters, and energy storage for dynamic random-access memory (DRAM) applications.

Offering solderable silver termination for lead attachment to multilayer capacitors, and platable silver termination specially developed for multilayer ceramic (MLC) chip applications, DuPont’s thick film multilayer capacitor materials provide good electrical properties, high mechanical strength, good adhesion and high thermal shock stability.


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