NEOLONE™ for Personal Care

Preservatives for skin, sun, and hair care products


Non formaldehyde-releasing, broad-spectrum preservative based on methylisothiazolinone and parabens

Used In:

  • Rinse-off hair care
  • Rinse-off skin care


  •  Activity versus Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria, yeasts, and molds
  •  Effective alternative to formaldehyde releasers
  •  Ease of use in manufacturing
  •  Compatible with a wide range of personal care raw materials including surfactants and emulsifiers, zinc pyrithione and avobenzone
  •  Excellent stability over a wide range of pH and temperature

Typical Properties

Appearance:   Flowable Fluid

Color:  White

pH:   6 - 7.5 (10% Aqueous Solution)

Specific Gravity:  1.06 g/cm³

Solubility:  Sparingly Miscible In Water, Propylene Glycol And Lower Alcohols

Viscosity:  Brookfield Lv4: Rpm 12: 6600 mPa.s Rpm 60: 2400 mPa.s (At 22°C)

Rheology:  Pseudoplastic


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