ROCIMA™ for Wood Preservation

Insecticides for wood protection formulations

ROCIMA™ 226 Premix

Concentrate of active substances for use as an insecticide in wood preservatives

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Used In:

  • Wood preservatives which are formulated on water immiscible solvents


  •  Highly effective against all wood-destroying insects commonly occurring in dry lumber or in timber already used in buildings
  •  Stabilizes the active ingredient against decomposition
  •  Highly effective in small amounts

Typical Properties

Appearance:  Clear, Yellow Liquid

Color:  Max. 10 Iso 4630 (Gardner)

Density:  0.84 ± 0.01 G/Ml Iso 2811-3

Refractive Index:  1.455 + 0.009, Astm D 1218-02 (N20/D)

Viscosity:  Max. 20 mPa.s Iso 3219 (20°C)

Flash Point:  76°C Cleveland Iso 2592


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