ROCIMA™ for Dry Film Protection

Aqueous-based and solvent-based microbicides


ROCIMA™ 344 Microbicide is a liquid fungicide for use in water and solvent-based coatings, paints and plasters, including pigmented or clear wood coatings and lacquers. The ideal migration properties of ROCIMA 344 provide efficient control of mold and algal growth and are therefore a considerable contribution for the prevention of a secondary infestation.

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Used In:

  • Water- and solvent-based coatings
  • Paints and plasters
  • Including pigmented or clear wood coatings and lacquers


  •  Provides a broad spectrum of activity against molds, yeasts, blue stain, algae and lichen
  •  Suitable for both water- and solvent-based products
  •  Easy-to-incorporate liquid form
  •  can be added at any phase of production

Typical Properties

Appearance:  Clear, Yellowish Liquid

Color:   Max. 3 Iso 4630 (Gardner)

Density:  0.918 ± 0.01 G/Ml Iso 2811-3

Refractive Index:  1.496 ± 0.009, Astm D 1218-02 (N20/D)

Viscosity:  Max. 20 mPa.s Iso 3219 (20°C)

Flash Point:  46°C C.C Iso 1523

Chemical Composition:  Preparation Of Dichloroctylisothiazolone And Octylisothiazolone

Resistance to Cold:  No Crystallisation Above -25°C


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