ROCIMA™ for Dry Film Protection

Aqueous-based and solvent-based microbicides


ROCIMA™ 372N biocide is a fluid, pumpable dispersion based upon effective fungicidal and algicidal substances, suitable for the preparation of VOC-free, water-based paints, plasters and wood coatings.

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Used In:

  • Water-based technical products including paints, plasters and wood coatings


  •  Very broad spectrum of activity and control of fungi, algae and lichen growth
  •  Suitable for water-based systems
  •  Fluid, pumpable dispersion
  •  Free of volatile organic solvents and halogenated aromatic compounds
  •  Highly effective against blue stain and rot fungi

Typical Properties

Density:  1.06 ± 0.05 G/Ml

Viscosity:  Max. 100 Ku (20°C)

Chemical Composition:  Combination Of Iodopropynylbutylcarbamate, Carbendazim And S-Triazine Derivative

Particle Size:  < 30 Μm


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