ROCIMA™ for In-Can Preservation

Aqueous-based and solvent-based


ROCIMA™ 520 Biocide is a liquid in-can preservative for universal use in technical products. The optimized ratios of the chemically different active principles of ROCIMA 520 provide excellent bacterial and fungal control and help to prevent the growth of resistant strains of microorganisms.

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Used In:

  • The preservation of aqueous dispersion, emulsion binders and other technical products


  •  Excellent bacterial and fungal control
  •  Prevents the growth of resistant strains of micro-organisms
  •  May be employed in binders for final products to be used in close proximity to food, but not in immediate contact
  •  Contains active substances permitted by the BfR and FDA for use in their application fields
  •  Highly effective, therefore only requires small quantities

Typical Properties

Appearance:  Colorless To Yellowish, Clear Liquid

Refractive Index:  1.3710 ± 0.009 Astm D 1218-02 (N20/D)

Density:  1.077 ± 0.01 G/Ml Iso 2811-3

pH:  7 ± 1 Aam 9301 (0.2% In Tap Water)

Viscosity:   Max. 15 mPa.s Iso 3219 (20°C)

Flash Point:  100°C Cleveland Iso 2592


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