ROCIMA™ for In-Can Preservation

Aqueous-based and solvent-based


ROCIMA™ 550 Microbicide is an aqueous-based microbicide which delivers superior performance as a preservative in a variety of industrial applications. We recommend use of ROCIMA 550 as a stand-alone biocide for preservation of aqueous formulations and as a co-biocide used in conjunction with KATHON™ Microbicide for preservation of aqueous formulations

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Used In:

  • For Preservation of polymer latices, adhesives, tackifiers, mineral dispersions, building materials, paint and coatings


  •  Chemically stable in high pH formulations
  •  Excellent bacterial control
  •  Metal-salts free
  •  APE free
  •  Partitions into the aqueous phase where biological control is most needed

Typical Properties

Appearance:   Colorless To Pale Yellow Liquid

pH:   3 - 6 (As Is)

Flash Point:  N.A.

Specific Gravity:  1.02 g/cm³ (25° C)

Vapor Pressure:  0.062 Torr

Solubility in Water:  Infinite

Solubility in Acetone THF and Toluene:  Miscible In A Wide Range Of Water Soluble Solvents

Stability:  Stable As Supplied For At Least One Year At Typical Ambient Temp. (20°C), 6 Months At 50°C


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