Tinplate on Steel

Ronastan™ TP-G7 Electrotinning Solution


Ronastan™ TP-G7 Electrotinning Solution is an electroplating additive system formulated for reel-to-reel, high-speed electroplating of tin onto steel strip. It has a high degree of suppression, permitting the use of elevated acid concentrations in combination with relatively low tin concentrations, which act in synergy with Stannguard™ Antioxidant to maintain a low sludge rate. This is highly advantageous for lines operating with insoluble anodes. The product is also suitable for use in lines operating with soluble anodes and confers similar benefits.


  • Suitable for soluble and 100% insoluble anode lines.
  • No line modifications for standard PSA(phenol sulfonic acid )type configured lines.
  • Highest tin utilizing electrolyte and cost competitive to PSA/ENSA with an assured lower cost of operation to reduce drag-out costs, sludge formation and electrical consumption.
  • Environmentally friendly with no toxic components, Reach compliant & low COD(chemical oxygen demand) offer great environmental benefits.
  • Superior Appearance with brighter finish and reduced staining.
  • Easy maintenance with automated component dosing capability.

Illustrative annual cost comparison