This system controls the release of the silver to avoid the discoloration and early silver exhaustion that are typical of other silver systems.

SILVADUR™ 930 Antimicrobial

SILVADUR™ 930 Antimicrobial is a polymer-based antimicrobial that uses a patented delivery system to transport and secure the silver ions to a treated article. This novel system controls the release of the silver to avoid discoloration and early exhaustion typical of other silver products. When incorporated into industrial and household materials during the manufacturing process, SILVADUR 930 inhibits the growth of microbes to offer protection, durability and freshness.

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  • Non-food contact uses in industrial and household woven and non-woven fibers: bedding, apparel, footwear, wall and floor coverings, carpets, draperies, wiping cloths, brushes, filters, insulation, tents, awnings and tarps


  •  Stable, nonflammable aqueous formulation that is easy to dispense and mix
  •  Compatible with a wide range of chemicals, including latex resins (like PVA, SBR, EVA) and finishing agents (like anti-wrinkle resins, fluorocarbons and softeners)
  •  Smart control: controlled release of silver for improved durability
  •  Improved durability: longer-term efficacy and improved cost-to-treat
  •  Broad-spectrum activity: controls various odor-causing microorganisms
  •  Thermal stability: high tolerance in manufacturing


  • Asia Pacific
  • Europe
  • Latin America
  • North America