DuPont Vamac

Heat and Chemical Resistant Ethylene Acrylic Elastomers

Closeup of motorcycle engine

Vamac® ethylene acrylic elastomer is used across the globe for automotive powertrains and other applications that require heat and chemical resistance, as well as those that demand specific rubber-like qualities.

Vamac® also helps provide longevity in powertrain applications and air management systems, and delivers long-term durability in other environments with diverse chemical exposure over a broad temperature range. 

Vamac® is becoming the preferred elastomer for a variety of demanding automotive applications. 

In engine and transmission seal applications, Vamac® provides resistance to service fluids and retains sealing properties while under compression. Vamac® also ensures transmission lip seals which can withstand pressure, in both hot and cold environments.

DuPont’s experts have extensive experience working with customers to find new ways Vamac® can improve the performance of their applications. DuPont provides global support with local technical assistance in more than 65 countries.

  • Automotive powertrains applications 
  • Air management systems
  • Seals and gaskets
  • Cable insulation and jacketing
  • Durability in diverse chemical exposure
  • Durability over broad temperature range
  • Resistant  to service fluids
  • Retains sealing properties when under compression




DuPont Vamac® is an ethylene acrylic elastomer widely used in applications requiring heat and chemical resistance, and specific rubber-like qualities.