Electrical and Structural Component Materials

DuPont High Performance Polymer Resins for Photovoltaic Panels and Parts

DuPont high performance resins help make photovoltaic (PV) energy more attractive by enabling more durable, efficient, and cost- effective solar panels, structures, and systems.

We offer a range of PV electrical and structural component materials for metal replacement in solar panels, mounting structures, tracker bearings, and other parts.

DuPont UV resistant polymer resins meet all known thermal requirements and deliver long-lasting performance, strength, and endurance in harsh environments for solar junction boxes, inverters, connectors, and cables. In frames and fixations, our resins allow for greater design flexibility for ease of assembly and improved cost of installation, while also eliminating outdoor corrosion issues.

Replacing metal with DuPont performance polymers offers important advantages to PV manufacturers. Our resins are lighter and easier to work with than metal and provide a good balance of mechanical and thermal properties including:

  • Higher strength, stiffness and durability
  • Low wear/low friction
  • UV, electrical and chemical resistance 
  • High dimensional stability
  • High and low temperature resistance