Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV)

Innovative silicon solutions for sustainable home and building integration

Providing expertise in solar energy for durable, efficient and sustainable locales.


As a leader only a few companies in the world capable of providing silicon-based building-integrated photovoltaics solutions (or BIPV) – including a wide range of sealant and adhesive options for campuses, residential locations, and more.

High-performance sealants and adhesives for BIPV panels, solar modules and solar arrays.

Structural silicone adhesives for bonding photovoltaic panels to subframes, ensuring both the structural safety of the curtain wall and the stability of the panels and improving thermal and acoustic performance through continuous and effective sealing of the facade.

Materials matter when your mission is to improve the design, performance and durability of photovoltaics systems. This, coupled with 70 years of silicon-based technology experience and long history of success in the development of innovative and proven silicon-based solutions for commercial glazing and façade systems, delivers more options and stronger solutions for building-integrated photovoltaics.