DuPont PV Potting Agents

Our potting agents provide long-lasting protection to withstand the elements.

Look to DOW CORNING™ brand potting agents for a unique combination of reliable performance and durability for photovoltaic junction box applications. Potting agents from Dow improve the durability of PV modules even under the demanding outdoor exposures typical of photovoltaic applications. Pottants provide long-lasting protection to withstand the elements. DOW CORNING™ brand pottants provide:

  • Fire resistance
  • Excellent electrical insulation of components
  • Stability and flexibility over a wide temperature range

A range of globally available product options enhances manufacturing options:

  • Room-temperature or heat-cure mechanisms
  • Translucent or opaque product formulations
  • Automated dispensing widely available

Effective thermal management solutions
Thermal management challenges can now be overcome even using smaller junction box designs. High thermally conductive index pottants from Dow Corning provide temperature management for effective diode protection. Less material for box construction and reduced pottant requirements mean lower total costs.

Silicone potting agents possess unique properties and benefits that make them the materials of choice for solar industry applications.