PV Rail and Bonding Pad Adhesives

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If your project calls for silicone rail bonding technology for solar applications, look no further than our Fortasun™ products for durable, structural strength, and cost-effective mounting of solar panels.

Silicone sealants possess unique properties and benefits with competitive feature that make them the materials of choice for solar industry applications. Specifically designed and tested for structural applications, our proprietary silicone rail bonding technology can:

  • Enhance the mounting process, enabling a lower installed cost per watt
  • Enable on-site ease of installation compared to mechanical mounting hardware, such as brackets, clips and screws
  • Reduce material and installation costs
  • Reduce module damage from stress points caused by the mounting hardware

Our PV sealants and adhesives expand your manufacturing options. With room-temperature cure and low-VOC options available, it’s easy to find the sealant that meets any solar adhesive needs.