Mobility and Materials - Submitting your invoice


On February 18, 2022, our parent company, DuPont de Nemours, Inc., (“DuPont”) announced that it entered into a definitive agreement with Celanese Corporation (“Buyer”) to divest a majority of DuPont’s Mobility & Materials businesses[1] (“M&M”), excluding certain businesses (the “Transaction”). The businesses excluded from the Transaction include the Adhesives, Brake Fluids, Multibase™, Tedlar® and Delrin® businesses. The portion of the business to be sold to Buyer is hereinafter referred to as the “M&M Business”.

The Transaction is targeted to close around the end of 2022, subject to customary closing conditions and regulatory approvals, (the “Transaction Closing Date”). In anticipation of the Transaction, DuPont is internally separating its M&M Business from DuPont’s retained business effective November 1, 2022 by updating its legal entity structure so that all legal entities either hold DuPont’s retained business or the M&M Business. On the Transaction Closing Date, the legal entities holding the M&M Business, will transfer to the Buyer. To be clear, until the closing of the Transaction, the M&M Business is, and continues to be, a business of DuPont regardless of any changes as part of our internal reorganization.

Effective November 1, 2022, the legal entity name, Tax Identification Numbers (TIN), and invoicing information for some legal entities are changing or are newly created. (Please note: some, not all, legal entities are impacted; others will have no changes.) Invoices related to impacted Purchase Orders need to be addressed to this changed or new address or email, unless otherwise determined by country laws and regulations (see more detailed instructions below).

In anticipation of the transaction, you may need to set up new M&M Business or DuPont legal entity/ies as a customer in your system, as well as update the invoicing and tax information. (If you currently transact with the M&M Business and other DuPont businesses, please be sure to create a new account for the M&M Business and not replace the existing DuPont account.) The effective date to make these changes is November 1, 2022.

After November 1, we will be unable to process payments for invoices that are sent to the previous contacts. Failure to invoice the new legal entity will result in invoices being rejected for reasons of legal compliance (subject to local country regulations.)



Please perform the following steps to ensure you understand what’s changing for you effective November 1, 2022:

  1. Click the applicable link below. An Excel file will download for the first link; a PDF file will open for the second link. Please review accordingly. If you downloaded the Excel, please continue with the steps below. 
  2. Open the Excel and identify your respective region by selecting the appropriate tab
  3. Identify the current legal entity/ies you do business with pre-November 1, 2022 (Column D)
  4. Scroll to the right to view the corresponding new legal entity/ies (effective November 1, 2022), invoicing address, email tax ID, and helpdesk information.
  5. Update any applicable changes to your customer masters.
  6. Identify which Purchases Orders are impacted and update the invoicing instructions accordingly (see PO Matrix below). 



* Note: Freight billing instructions for EMEA will not change. For APAC and LATAM, please follow the freight instructions listed in the New Legal Entities and Invoicing button above. 


All communicated and/or previously agreed to Raw Material and Packaging Material specifications will be transferred to the new legal entities and retain their validity. If you have any questions related to specifications, please reach out to your buyer of record who can direct you to our responsible subject matter expert.

[1] The M&M businesses which are in-scope for this transaction include: Zytel® (including High Temperature and Specialty Nylons), Crastin®, Rynite®, Selar®, Minlon®, Pipelon®, Vamac®, and Hytrel®, along with products from Microcircuit & Component Materials (MCM). The divestiture will also include DuPont’s ownership in the DuPont Filaments and DuPont Teijin Film™ joint ventures as well as the Hytrel® business within the Toray-DuPont Co. joint venture.