DuPont Water Solutions Recognized for its Leadership in Addressing the Future of Water

Aug 5, 2019
As populations, industries and economies across the globe continue to grow, freshwater is becoming increasingly scarce. About 700 million people across 43 countries do not have access to clean drinking water, which is expected to escalate to 1.8 billion people by 2025, according to the United Nations.

A new Future of Water report by The Times just published as a platform to elevate the latest water industry challenges, and innovative solutions and technologies on the market today.

Throughout the report, DuPont Water Solutions’ Commercial Director, Alexander Lane, provided insight into wastewater and reuse trends, explained the importance of expanding partnership and collaboration, and shared thoughts and strategies in rethinking our holistic approach to resource management:

“Eighty percent of the water that is produced is released back to the environment. That’s already a source of reasonably well-treated water that should be tapped, rather than just letting it go down the drain. We need to shift our thinking from linear to circular: reduce usage firstly, yes, but also then look at ways we can recycle and treat the water we have. Everyone is sitting down and talking around the doom, gloom and complexity, and somehow we have to try to re-energize and simplify the discussion.”

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