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Electronics & Imaging Director of Global Display Technology R&D Participates in Panel at 2018 China Display Technology Conference

Nov 01, 2018

At the 2018 China Display Technology Conference, Display Technologies executive Kathleen O’Connell sat on a panel of industry experts.

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Dow Experts Share Quantum Dot Technology Expertise at Recent Events

Jun 06, 2018

Leveraging Dow’s knowledge in display technology, company experts presented on the growing quantum dot market at two recent industry events.

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A market outlook: Will OLEDs Prevail in 2018 Display Markets?

Mar 15, 2018

The display market is in a period of transition, with LCD displays unstable, QDs a bit unknown and OLEDs seemingly in the driver’s seat. Dow’s Hwang shares his thoughts on this exciting market.

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Dow and DuPont Previewed Future Display Technologies at IMID 2017

Dec 11, 2017

The possibilities for future display technologies are seemingly endless, from OLED to flexible to quantum dot. Together Dow and DuPont recently showcased how they are advancing high performance displays with the latest materials innovations.

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The Future Is Cadmium-Free – Bright and Safe!

Jul 27, 2017

A key trend in electronics manufacturing is reducing the use of potentially harmful materials, such as cadmium. As a result, major global display manufacturers are moving away from cadmium-based QDs and committing to adopt cadmium-free QDs technology.

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Moving into China: Advances in Next-Generation Displays

Mar 07, 2017

China’s display market is growing rapidly, and if SID hosting its first-ever conference there is any indication, it is well on its way. Kathleen O’Connell offers an overview of her plenary session, explaining how multiple display technologies have room to succeed.

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Region Specific Enhancement of Quantum Dot Emission Using Interleaved Two-Dimensional Photonic Crystals

Mar 08, 2016

This paper presents a photonic crystal design incorporating two interleaved regions, each with distinct periods in orthogonal directions adjacent to a thin polymer film containing colloidal semiconductor nanocrystals, such as quantum dots. The structure enables simultaneous resonant coupling of ultraviolet excitation photons to the quantum dots and visible quantum dot emission at two different wavelengths to efficiently extract photons normal to the photonic crystal surface.

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Double-heterojunction nanorods, a step towards electroluminescent quantum dot displays

Feb 09, 2016

As semiconductor heterostructures play critical roles in today’s electronics and optoelectronics, the introduction of active heterojunctions can impart new and improved capabilities that will enable the use of solution-processable colloidal semiconductor nanocrystals such as quantum dots and heterojunction nanorods in future devices.

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Nanorods and Other Dimensionally Confined Nanomaterials for Optoelectronics

Dec 15, 2015

Dimensionally Confined Nanomaterials (DCNs) enable optoelectronics due to high luminescence and control of the spectral output. The market for DCN is expected to have high growth rate and value. Working in collaboration with the University of Illinois, Dow is conducting research to differentiate DCNs to improve its device performance IP.

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