Our sustainability strategy harnesses our deep understanding of science and technology and our close collaboration with stakeholders to create impactful and enduring outcomes. 


We’re working with our customers to develop sustainable innovations that address some of the world’s most complex challenges, including climate change, chemical stewardship, material circularity, and water scarcity. Delivering results that matter while operationalizing sustainability across our global manufacturing sites is critical for sustainable growth and value creation.


To manage the complex and quickly evolving sustainability landscape, we’ve built our strategy on three pillars: Innovate, Protect, and Empower. 



Innovate for good

Innovate for good is our commitment to use our talent, resources, and innovation expertise to work on meaningful and valuable solutions to societal challenges. 


Protect people and the planet

Protect people and the planet is our commitment to take action to ensure the safety of our employees, contractors, customers, and communities while improving our impact on the environment. 


Empower people to thrive

Empower people to thrive addresses how we enable our employees and communities to experience well-being, purpose, opportunity, equity, and connection. 


2024 Sustainability Report

Read more about how we're progressing toward our 2030 Sustainability Goals.

Download the 2024 Sustainability Report

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2030 Sustainability Goals
2030 Sustainability Goals
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