Lithographic Imaging Services & Metrology for Defect Testing

Our Fabs Can Help with Your Imaging and Metrology Projects

Let’s talk about how the technical experts in our fabs can help with your lithography projects. In addition to supplying materials for lithography, with our advanced lithographic imaging and metrology equipment, we can help with other aspects of your workflow. Services available include measurement, defect testing, process design, or supplying patterned wafers.

Our fabs have a range of tools from g-line and i-line lithography to ArF immersion lithography, and to better support our customers and the semiconductor industry, we are now able to make these available for custom or batch tests. Tests can be done on a one-time basis or long-term as a recurring event. We also have a full suite of metrology tools that can be used in conjunction with lithographic imaging performed at our facility or on wafers imaged off-site. Our experts are also available to assist with the development of new lithographic processes and we can supply our lithography materials (such as photoresists, anti-reflective coatings and ancillaries) as part of a process design or project.

Use the menus below to see the types of lithographic imaging and metrology tools available, as well as examples of services we can offer. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any potential project, even if it is not listed here.

Lithographic Capabilities

Technology Wafer Size (mm) Capability
ArF (193nm Immersion) 300 Coat and Pattern
ArF (193nm Dry) 200 Coat and Pattern
KrF (248nm) 200 Coat and Pattern
i-line (365nm) 200 Coat and Pattern
100 Coat and Flood Exposure
Broad Band 200 Coat and Pattern
100 Coat and Flood Exposure
g-line (436nm) 100 Coat and Pattern

Metrology Equipment

Metrology Wafer Size (mm) Description
Thin Film Measurement 100/200/300 Optical Parameter
Critical-Dimension Scanning Electron Microscopes (CD-SEM) 200/300 CD Measurement
Defect 200/300 Film Defect Inspection Tool, Patterned Defect Inspection Tool, Defect Review Tool, Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEM)
Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEM) All Scanning Electron Microscope, Cross Sectional Image
100/150/200 Top Down, X-ray, Back Scatter, Defect Review

Additional Toolsets

Capability Wafer Size (mm) Tool Set
Dissolution Rate 100/150 Single Point DRM Laser, GCA, DNS
Optical Density 100 UV-Vis, GCA
Dill 10 Flood Exposure Tool, UV-Vis, GCA

Service Examples

The following examples show the types of work we can do using our equipment:

CD Measurement
Measurement of CDs across features that you specify for your patterned ArF resist wafers, including data analysis and a summary report.

ArF Imaged Wafers
Imaging of wafers patterned using our photoresist, antireflective coatings, and top coat products using immersion ArF conditions.

Defect Analysis
Measurement, review, and defect analysis (including EDX) for your patterned wafers.

Process Development
The development of a new patterning process using our resists and ancillaries, based on your design requirements. Process testing using your production wafers.

Material Screening
Coating and ArF patterning evaluation of sample materials, including a summary of test results and data.

These examples represent a small sampling of the types of services we can offer. Lithographic imaging and metrology are often custom designs as determined by the needs of the project, so please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your specific project needs.


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