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Meeting Generations of Lithography Process Requirements

DuPont offers a robust, production-proven photoresist product line with materials options that meet the requirements across generations of lithography processes from 365nm down to 13.5nm wavelengths, and exposures that achieve features from 280nm to 20nm.

The quest to achieve ever smaller technology nodes means photoresists must offer higher and better resolution with a wider depth of focus, with fewer defects. At the same time, legacy nodes rely on tried and true formulations. From our i-line/g-line, to our 193 and KrF product families, DuPont has photoresists to match your needs.

When combined with DuPont’s etching, developing and ancillary products, you get a total materials solution to support your semiconductor manufacturing processes.

Our broad portfolio also allows us to tailor photoresists to meet specific customer specifications.

i-Line Products

Our legacy i-Line (365nm) photoresists are formulated to support different thickness requirements while achieving high resolution and low defects. 

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DUV Products

Our DUV (248nm) photoresists show excellent product performances with low defects for various applications. 

  • UV™ Positive Tone Resist supports exposure and early development. It achieves high resolution to accommodate smaller pattern sizes.
  • UVN™ Negative Tone Resist, in which the exposure is developed in reverse. Scum-free, UVN™ resist is the optimal solution for deep-trench patterning.
  • SL™ Resist is our low-temperature resist that bakes at less than 100C. It features high resolution and is suitable for small pattern sizes.

EPIC™ Photoresists

EPIC™ Photoresists are a series of 193 resists widely used for 193 processes with and without topcoats. DuPont’s EPIC™ IM Resist is designed for the unique environment created by immersion lithography, in which water between the lens and the wafer enables exposure of finer patterns.

  • Prevents resist components that leach into water from penetrating the resist film
  • Creates a barrier layer between the water and the resist, making a barrier layer unnecessary, saving customers time and money
  • If microlithography is the heart of the semiconductor chip manufacturing, the photoresist is its life blood. Photoresists are materials coated on semiconductor wafers that allow circuitry patterns to be imaged on the wafer. In the exposure step, light passes through the image mask and projects the image onto the photoresist material, creating the image pattern.

  • Today’s photoresists must serve a broad and wide spectrum of coverage in terms of bake temperature and exposure times. DuPont has developed a comprehensive product line to support both legacy and next-generation lithography processes.

Lithography Materials and Services

  • Photoresists
  • Advanced Overcoats
  • Anti-Reflectants & Functional Sublayers
  • Ancillary Lithography Materials
  • Electronic Grade Polymers
  • Metrology & Imaging Services


DuPont’s robust, production-proven photoresist product line offers materials options that meet the requirements across generations of lithography processes.

ArF Dry Resist

Positive tone ArF (193 nm) dry photoresists optimized for trench and line/space applications

ArF Immersion Contact Hole

Positive tone 193 nm immersion resists with an excellent process window, CD uniformity and low defectivity

ArF Implant Resist

Positive tone 193 nm implant resists with good profile through pitch and excellent substrate compatibility

Advanced Overcoats

Used in conjunction with photoresists, DuPont’s advanced overcoat materials are designed to prevent defects and improve the lithography process window, enabling finer feature patterns.

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Anti-Reflectants & Functional Sublayers

Anti-reflective coatings and sublayers boost the effectiveness of lithography by widening and improving the process and reflectivity windows.

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AR™ 10L Bottom Anti-Reflectant Coating

An organic, thermally cross-linking BARC for 248 nm photoresists

AR™ 137 Organic Bottom Anti-Reflectant Coating

An organic bottom anti-reflectant coating (oBARC) for immersion lithography

AR™ 201 Organic Gap Filling Anti-Reflectant Coating

An organic gap filling material for extremely narrow trenches

AR™ 254 Thermally Cross Linking Bottom Anti-Reflectant Coating

An organic, thermally cross-linking bottom anti-reflectant for 248 nm (KrF) photoresist

AR™ Fast Etch Organic Bottom Anti-Reflectant Coatings

A family of cross-linkable BARCs that can etch 30% faster than photoresists

Ancillary Lithography Materials

DuPont’s roots run deep in its production-proven line of ancillary lithography products. From developers, removers, and other enhancement chemistries, we support a total lithography solution.

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Electronic Grade Polymers

DUV and 193nm photoresist performance begins with the polymer, and DuPont electronic grade polymers continue to improve upon existing techniques for polymer manufacture, isolation, and evaluation.

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Metrology & Imaging Services

We offer services such as defect testing or patterning wafers

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