Vertak® High Performance Adhesive for Consumer Electronics

Increased Impact and Scratch Resistance for Consumer Display Screens

Enables thinner and lighter display designs, resists stains, dirt, dust, scratches and moisture. Increases durability to withstand shock, vibration and temperature changes.


The portability and versatility features of smart phones, tablets and notebook PCs present challenges such as frequent exposure to harsh outdoor lighting and temperatures, ongoing surface stress, shock and vibration.  To protect against these challenges, DuPont has been successfully driving implementation of DuPont™ Vertak® as a standard feature on consumer electronics display screens.  As consumers become more mobile and demand more from their portable devices, DuPont™ Vertak® can:

  • Improve outdoor readability up to 400%
  • Increase impact and scratch resistance by 300%
  • Enable thinner and lighter display designs
  • Improve overall durability against vibration, extreme temperatures and dust