CooLam® 3D Thermal Substrate

Bendable Thermal Substrate Allows LED Lighting Designers to Direct and Control Light Output

The key to LEDs delivering on their promise of longer life and more effiecient electrical performance is in controlling and dissipating heat inside the LED chip package.

Illustration of CooLam® 3D

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The most effective way of doing that is with thermal substrate materials that dissipate heat conductively through the package. 

DuPont™ CooLam® 3D thermal substrates for bendable metal core printed circuit boards (MCPCBs) are ideal for applications requiring innovative lighting designs that direct light output without secondary optics, as well as low thermal impedance and superior electrical performance at a competitive cost.

This bendable thermal substrate offers higher quality of light and exceptional freedom of design. Ideal for innovative omnidirectional A-19 replacement bulbs and general lighting fixtures.


  • Enables 3D innovative lighting designs directing light output without secondary optics
  • One time bend to install while maintaining electrical integrity and reliable performance
  • Excellent reliability performance
  • Excellent durability and stability at high temperature
  • Uniform thermal, mechanical and electrical properties under environmental stress
  • UL 94 recognition: V-0
  • Halogen free
  • Lead free solder compatibility
  • RoHS compliant

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  • CooLam® LX Thermal Substrate

    CooLam® LX , designed for high power LED light modules, LED high bay lighting and outdoor LED lighting, where very low thermal impedance is required.

  • CooLam® LA Thermal Substrate

    This material system is designed for today’s demanding thermal applications requiring very low thermal impedance, very high operating temperature, excellent long term reliability, and electri­cal isolation.