OLEDs (Organic Light Emitting Diodes)

OLED Materials and Solution Process Technology for Advanced Displays and Lighting

Colors So Rich and Bold, You Won’t Believe Your Eyes

DuPont brings more than 15 years of experience in enabling evaporative and solution-based OLED technologies through advanced materials that deliver the color, efficiency, and lifetime performance that display manufacturers and consumers demand. DuPont offers highly engineered, next-generation OLED materials as well as solution process know-how that is making the promise of lower cost OLED technology commercially feasible for TVs and other large-format displays.

DuPont Displays and Kateeva Collaborate to Optimize Inkjet Printing for Mass Production of OLED TVs

The aim of this cooperation is to establish a proven, cohesive offering for OLED device manufacturers that enables a simpler yet highly effective process for manufacturing OLED TV displays using inkjet technology.


  • OLED Liquid Printing Process

    Learn how the benefits of DuPont OLED technology enables next-generation, large format displays with significant manufacturing cost savings.

  • High-Performance DuPont OLED Materials

    DuPont offers a suite of innovative, high-performance, solution-based oled materials that can be printed and coated at high speeds.



  • Solution Process AMOLED Displays

    Fabrication of AMOLED displays by solution process reduces material consumption and lowers equipment costs compared to vapor deposition processes.