DuPont Opens OLED Materials Scale-Up Production Facility at Stine-Haskell Site

Sized To Deliver Production Scale Quantities of Advanced Materials for the OLED TV Industry


DuPont OLED materials enable large-format, solution-based printed displays that are brighter, more vivid, longer lasting and significantly less expensive than the OLED TVs on the market today.

DuPont’s scale-up facility is sized to meet the future growth expectations of the OLED TV industry, which analysts predict will increase by over 70 percent for the next several years and will require large quantities of highly sophisticated OLED materials.  

The OLED facility at Stine-Haskell has large-scale formulation systems and can support simultaneous production of multiple product lines.  It was designed with a focus on employee safety, environmental responsibility and producing superior quality materials with the highest possible purity.

DuPont has been developing its suite of advanced OLED materials for the last 15 years. These materials are highly regarded for both solution and evaporative applications due to their long lifetime and deep color.