OLED Liquid Printing Process

Realize the Benefits of DuPont OLED Product Technology

DuPont offers highly engineered, next-generation materials and a scalable, liquid printing process that is making the promise of lower cost OLED technology commercially feasible for large-format displays.

Drawing on collaboration experience with multiple leading display manufacturers, DuPont has developed a unique liquid printing process technology and a suite of innovative, high-performance, solution-based materials.

DuPont enables manufacturers to deliver the many benefits consumers want—more vivid color, higher contrast, faster response, thinner panels, wider viewing angle and less power consumption while significantly reducing manufacturing costs. The time is now to realize the benefits of DuPont OLED technology.


  • High-Performance DuPont OLED Materials

    DuPont offers a suite of innovative, high-performance, solution-based oled materials that can be printed and coated at high speeds.

  • Drylox™ Cover Glass

    Drylox™ cover glass is a cost-effective and versatile encapsulation alternative that simplifies manufacturing, lowers costs and enables thin displays.



  • Solution Process AMOLED Displays

    Fabrication of AMOLED displays by solution process reduces material consumption and lowers equipment costs compared to vapor deposition processes.

  • DuPont OLED Lighting

    DuPont OLED materials play a critical part in delivering high efficiency and cost-effective solutions for OLED lighting.