DuPont OLED Lighting

High efficiency and cost-effective OLED Lighting

DuPont OLED is putting technology to work, leveraging its experience in Displays to enable OLED lighting for a more sustainable future.

DuPont is currently performing work under a $2.25 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) for the development of OLED solution-processing manufacturing techniques.

DuPont is also part of an additional $8 million joint program with GE Global Research, designed to integrate OLED materials with roll-to-roll manufacturing processes using less expensive, solution-processed emissive materials.

Today, commercially available OLEDs (for displays) are produced via a thermal evaporation process on glass substrates. Roll-to-roll manufacturing is designed to significantly reduce manufacturing costs and DuPont OLED materials will play a critical part in delivering high efficiency and cost-effective large-area OLED lamps in the future.


  • Drylox™ Cover Glass

    Drylox™ cover glass is a cost-effective and versatile encapsulation alternative that simplifies manufacturing, lowers costs and enables thin displays.

  • OLED Liquid Printing Process

    Learn how the benefits of DuPont OLED technology enables next-generation, large format displays with significant manufacturing cost savings.

  • High-Performance DuPont OLED Materials

    DuPont offers a suite of innovative, high-performance, solution-based oled materials that can be printed and coated at high speeds.