ImageMaster™ Diazo Phototool Films & Processor

High-Quality Diazo Phototooling Films

ImageMaster™ Diazo Phototooling Films are suited for making high-quality phototools that are scratch and chemical resistant for use in exposing liquid and dry film photoresists (including solder masks) employed in the manufacture of printed wiring boards.

ImageMaster™ IMD-XT is designed for producing same size diazo phototools from good quality silver masters. The emulsion provides excellent scratch resistance, and resistance to attack from soldermasks and solvent cleaners. In many cases the need for protective laminates is eliminated.

Diazo users look to IMD-XT for providing excellence in:

  • Scratch resistance reducing handling defects
  • Solvent resistance for longer life
  • Dimensional stability
  • Line edge sharpness for reliable feature definition.

ImageMaster™ Phototooling Processor

ImageMaster™ Phototooling processors, offered in either 28" or 34" widths provide:

  • Consistent high-quality,accurate temperature control and uniform transport speed
  • Economical operation through precise replenishment and high accuracy pumps
  • High Productivity through efficient drying with the fastest development times.
  • State of the Art Design
  • Complies with CE safety standards
  • UL, c/UL, and GOST-R certified

Choose ImageMaster™ phototool processors for you silver film processing needs.