Vacrel® Dry Film Soldermask

Vacrel® Dry Film Soldermask

DuPont™ Vacrel® 8100 Dry Film Soldermask is an aqueous processable, negative working photopolymer.

Vacrel® provides environmental protection to the printed circuit boards through its excellent chemical, electrical and mechanical properties. Typical applications are for organic chip carrier, small batches that require fast cycle time, heavy back panels, and boards characterized by high circuit heights.

Special characteristics that Vacrel® Dry Film Soldermask provides are:

  • Reliable defect-free coverage of circuit traces, independent of line density
  • Total encapsulation of circuitry when the proper film thickness is applied with vacuum and heat
  • Good adhesion to copper conductor surfaces and substrates commonly used in the printed circuit board industry
  • Excellent flux and solder resistance
  • Reliable tenting of holes
  • Excellent long-term electrical and mechanical properties
  • Meets flammability requirement of Underwriters Laboratories UL-94
  • Complies with RoHS directive


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