Advanced Photoresist Polymers

Electronic Grade Polymers for the Manufacture of Advanced Photoresists

Our electronic grade polymers are produced under stringently controlled conditions and are thoroughly tested to ensure highest performance in critical applications, and batch-to-batch consistency.

DuPont develops and manufactures low metals, high purity, radical initiated polymers for KrF or ArF resist formulations. These polymers are produced under stringently controlled conditions and thoroughly tested compliance with specifications that enable critical applications. Each product is tested for 12 metals, polydispersity, molecular weight and transparency. Each process is controlled through statistical monitoring to ensure batch to batch variation is held to a minimum.

We offer a full range of product discovery, scale-up, and commercial scale manufacturing with supporting analytical capabilities.


  • Electronic Grade Polymers Used in Semiconductor Lithography

    Electronic Grade Polymers

    DUV and 193nm photoresist performance begins with the polymer, and DuPont electronic grade polymers continue to improve upon existing techniques for polymer manufacture, isolation, and evaluation.