Electronic Grade Polymers

Electronic Grade Polymers Ideal for Today’s Challenging Lithographic Applications

DUV and 193nm photoresist performance begins with the polymer, and DuPont electronic grade polymers continue to improve upon existing techniques for polymer manufacture, isolation, and evaluation.

Our synthetic and isolation expertise enables Electronic Polymers to create a wide range of polymers that are ideal for today’s challenging lithographic applications, from Acetoxystyrene Monomer (ASM) to High Compositional Uniformity (HCU) polymers.


Acetoxystyrene monomer (ASM) is the basic monomer for generation of DuPont electronic grade polymers. Used either in combination with other reactive monomers or used as the sole component for homopolymer generation, ASM is a high purity reactive monomer which readily undergoes free radical polymerization and enables the production of poly(p-acetoxy)styrene (PAS) polymers in a wide range of molecular weights. We exercise great care and effort to maintain the highest possible quality of this key material.

Co- and Ter-Polymers via Custom Manufacture

DuPont has developed a deep expertise in free radical polymerization chemistry. Custom produced resins made from a wide variety of monomers, in combination with ASM, address the growing needs for transparency, polydispersity, acid diffusion characteristics, dissolution rate, Tg, and other factors essential to the performance of photoresists used in critical layers of semiconductor device manufacture.