Polymer Enhancements

High Purity Tri-functional Phenolic Used as a Cross Linking or Branching Agent

Polymer enhancement products include polymers and prepolymers for use in formulation of composites and laminates with ultra high temperature resistance and structural strength requirements.


DuPont offers THPE, a unique polyphenolic material that can enhance key characteristics of your polymers. THPE can be used to increase cross linking density and create polymer branching for production of higher performance and higher value materials.

THPE can enhance key properties including adhesion, hardness, heat resistance and solvent resistance. THPE applications include use in polycarbonates, epoxies, adhesives, coatings, and antioxidants.


  • Electronic Grade Polymers Used in Semiconductor Lithography

    Electronic Grade Polymers

    DUV and 193nm photoresist performance begins with the polymer, and DuPont electronic grade polymers continue to improve upon existing techniques for polymer manufacture, isolation, and evaluation.