Post-Etch Residue Removers

Post-Etch Residue Removers

Aqueous & Semi-aqueous organic mixtures formulated to effectively remove residues from substrate surfaces after via, poly and metal etch processes.

PlasmaSolv® Products - HDA® Technology

PlasmaSolv® products are designed to remove post etch residue. These products perform at low operating temperatures, well below the flashpoint of the chemistry, providing a safe chemical process as well as extending bath life.

EKC245™ is specifically designed to clean post-etch residues generated during the volume production of high capacity DRAM devices. It is also used to clean HBr-etched polysilicon and is able to remove residues after metal etch.

EKC265™ was the initial product in the PlasmaSolv® series formulated to remove photoresist residue generated after etch processes. It is effective with or without oxygen ash processing.

EKC270™ is a post-etch residue remover with improved Ti compatibility. It is formulated to remove ashed photoresist residue, organic polymer, and organometallic etch residue while maintaining optimum metal stack integrity.

EKC270™-T is an aqueous/organic mixture designed to remove post-etch or post-ash residues on conventional Al/Cu interconnect designs.

Copper Integration Technology

CuSolve™ products are copper compatible cleaning products formulated specifically for advanced designs integrating copper. These products remove photoresist and copper containing residues in the presence of exposed copper and low-k materials. 

EKC505™ Cu
EKC505™ Cu is solvent based and designed for complete removal of photoresist in the presence of low-k dielectric and exposed copper without damage.

EKC520™ Cu
EKC520™ Cu is formulated specifically for advanced designs integrating copper. EKC520™ Cu cleans copper containing residue in the presence of exposed copper and low-k dielectrics with no damage to substrates.

SAC™ (semi-aqueous chemistry) Remover

The Semi-Aqueous Chemistry (SAC™) series of products comprise the industry’s most effective solution to the cleaning of etch residue at or below critical dimensions of 0.25µm. Used at ambient temperature for short process times, SAC™ products eliminate W plug failures and facilitate advanced interconnect by complete cleaning of both subtractive etch and damascene structures. 

EKC652™ is a semi-aqueous formulation that removes post-etch residue quickly and effectively from substrates containing traditional integration materials.