Wafer Level Packaging Solutions

Achieve Higher Yields with DuPont Wafer Level Packaging Solutions

DuPont is expanding its offering of integrated solutions for both current and emerging WLP requirements in the semiconductor industry.

WLP solutions for three dimensional and through silicon vias (3D/TSV), bonding, fan out, bumping, pillars and redistribution dielectrics are tested and proven for area array package requirements, whether stencil printed, plated, pillared or C4 applied.

Key benefits of these integrated solutions include higher yields, increased reliability and lower cost of ownership.


  • WLP Series dry film photoresist

    WLP 1000 Series dry film photoresists are high resolution, multi-purpose films compatible with copper pillar plating and solder bump plating, both lead-free and eutectic.

  • WBR and WB Series Dry Film Photoresists

    WBR and WB series films deliver excellent performance in both photo stencil and electroplating processes, and are available in a range of 50-120 microns thicknesses.

  • MX Series dry film photoresists

    DuPont MX Series dry film photoresists excel in etching and electroplating processes.