Electronic Materials for Mobile Devices

Electronic Materials for Mobile Devices

Today’s mobile devices have far more functionality than just a few short years ago. New innovations in electronic materials are supporting the need to squeeze more functionality into a single tight space and get to market faster.

DuPont is a leading supplier of materials for mobile device electronics.  Our wide range of materials includes structural components, displays, power management, electronics, semiconductor materials, and telecommunications.

OEM designers are integrating interconnects and package design to take advantage of the unique properties of low temperature co-fired ceramic (LTCC) technology, to yield decreased size and improved performance in wireless devices. Other benefits include high-density interconnect capability, the ability to integrate passive components, and low-loss performance. 

We support OEMs and application designers with a wide range of materials, along with a strong focus on new materials development to meet demands as the market evolves. 

Our portfolio features materials for:

Structural Components:  Structural components, slides, hinges, soft touch surfaces lubrication, paint and coatings

Displays:  Flexible circuit interconnects, display performance enhancements, and PET and PEN films for liquid crystal display (LCD) and flexible display manufacture.

Power and Energy: Security and brand protection, fuel cell components, and new technology to make lithium batteries safer and more reliable

Electronics:  Electronic interconnects and packaging technology including cell handsets and mobile devices, flexible circuit materials, polyimide films, low temperature co-fired ceramic (LTCC) and liquid crystal polymer (LCP) materials for radio frequency (RF) modules, embedded passive materials, wafer level packaging, and dry film photoresist for printed circuit board fabrication.