Electronic Materials for Aerospace & Defense

Electronic Materials for Aerospace and Defense

Technologies for aerospace and defense represent some of the toughest challenges for application designers. Our electronic materials for aerospace and defense are designed to deliver superior performance under the harshest conditions.

DuPont has a broad offering of electronic materials that are central in a long line-up of mission-critical applications for aerospace and defense, including radar, satellites, avionics, communications interconnects and antennas.  

For defense and aerospace application designers, the flexibility and reliability of electronic materials are key.  With one of the widest assortments of dielectrics and conductors available, we ensure the highest performance levels and provide designers with a multitude of options to integrate inductors, capacitors and resistors into multilayer substrate packages. 

These advanced electronic materials guarantee superior performance in aerospace and defense applications where weight, reliability, signal integrity, attenuation, and ability to withstand intense environments are critical to the circuit design.