GreenTape™ 9K7 LTCC for Transceiver Systems

GreenTape™ 9K7 Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramic Material System for Transceiver Systems

The DuPont™ GreenTape™ 9K7 LTCC material system is designed to deliver the best reliability/performance vs. system level cost through high levels of integration – with or without the use of electro-magnetic band gaps (EBG) – along with more cost effective manufacturing processes.

DuPont™ GreenTape™ 9K7 LTCC is ideally suited for the creation of high-performing multi-chip module using ceramic substrate (MCM-C) packages used in analog front-end (AFE) solutions for a wide variety of transmitters, receivers and transceiver components used in radar systems. These systems are featured in comfort and safety systems for passenger vehicles (including adaptive cruise control and collision warning systems), as well as radar-based technologies for ships, airplanes and satellites.

GreenTape™ 9K7 LTCC enables lower system cost in multiple ways, thanks to:

  • Integrated antenna array
  • Reduced interconnect/package size
  • Higher assembly yield
  • Two-part assembly (known good substrate)
  • Flexible die attach (flip-chip/wirebond)
  • Coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) match to bare die
  • Embedded passives
  • Silver metallurgy available
  • Compatible with laser patterning (ablation/structuring)
  • Plating compatible (ENiG [electroless nickel/immersion gold] and electroplate)
  • Flexible design (can be mounted as surface mount technology [SMT] component into organic substrates or be the substrate itself)

With GreenTape™ 9K7 LTCC, performance is enhanced with:

  • Integrated electro-magnetic band gap (EBG) structures
  • Cavity packaged chips
  • Reduced coupling between antennas
  • Improved side lobe level performance
  • Suppressed parasitic cavity mode resonance
  • 10x better thermal management capability vs. multi-chip module using multilayer laminated PCB (MCM-L) solutions

High reliability for GreenTape™ 9K7 is ensured by means of: 

  • High integration (antenna, EBG, cavities, etc.)
  • Embedded passives structure
  • CTE match to bare die
  • Plating compatible
  • Can be hermetic
  • Zero moisture absorption