Automotive Electronics

Material Solutions for Automotive Electronics

Designed to provide the highest levels of reliability and performance with total system cost in mind, automotive electronics solutions from DuPont offer design freedom to manufacturers, backed by the expertise of a global technology leader.

DuPont offers a broad portfolio of automotive electronics material solutions that are used to enhance automotive safety and passenger comfort in a multitude of ways. You’ll find them in sensors, electronic controllers, powertrain sensors and controllers, exhaust sensors, powertrain electrical traction motors, LED lighting, advanced safety radar and rear window defroster systems. 

Our extensive range of automotive electronics material solutions includes polyimide films, flexible laminates, and thermal management materials. Our thick film, polymer thick film and LTCC materials include a variety of conductors (silver, gold and alloys with palladium and platinum), dielectrics (cross-over or multilayer applications) and resistor inks that are compatible with various substrates (96% alumina, AlN, glass, LTCC, PET, PEN, polyimide, and polycarbonate) and interconnect strategies (bonding or soldering).  This compatibility allows for high levels of design freedom with robust, reliable, and cost effective automotive electronics.