Ceramic-Based Material Solutions for Engine Systems

Ceramic-Based Material Solutions for Engine Systems

Ceramic-based material solutions from DuPont are used in a wide variety of specific engine devices, including fuel heaters, glow-plugs and piezoelectric (PZT) injectors, across the automotive industry.

Developed to deliver superior reliability and performance vs. system level cost, DuPont solutions offer high levels of integration, enable more cost-effective manufacturing processes and deliver unprecedented field reliability.

Fuel heaters

When engine block, fuel and ambient temperatures fall, Ethanol (E100) fuel requires specific solutions for a cold start. Heating the fuel delivery system (injector or common-rail) heats the fuel very quickly, creating the correct thermal environment inside the cylinder to allow the combustion process to start. Metal powder and thick film paste solutions from DuPont, for resistive heater elements and screen-printing of electrodes in metal tubes, enable a wide variety of cost-effective, reliable solutions for fabricators and automotive manufacturers.


Glow-plugs pre-warm the cylinder quickly, helping modern diesel engines start in the cold. Today’s devices deliver the necessary heat in less than five seconds, guaranteeing a reliable cold start every morning. Platinum powder and thick film technologies from DuPont enable glow-plugs to withstand extreme temperatures and high pressure, as well as chemical attack. DuPont offers auto manufacturers a complete set of materials for heater elements and electrodes, for cost-effective, reliable solutions that help keep drivers on the move, no matter the temperature.

Piezoelectric (PZT) ceramic diesel injectors

PZT injectors are ultra-fast and deliver a precise amount of fuel. DuPont PZT electrode materials help to enhance the performance of piezoelectric stacks, supporting the high levels of reliability required by the automotive industry.