High Speed High Frequency Solutions

Solutions for High Speed High Frequency Systems

DuPont solutions for high speed and high frequency systems give application designers the tools they need to stay ahead in the fast-changing world of interconnects.

Advances in integrated circuit technology are driving packaging and interconnect designers to accommodate more input/output connections and larger size die, which dissipate more power and operate at faster speeds.

Thanks to the rapid growth of portable communications and increasingly complex applications, designers are facing new demands for packaging technology with frequencies up to 100 Gigahertz and beyond, along with the need to incorporate more functions in a smaller package with lower cost. All of this must be accomplished in shorter product development cycle times as OEMs strive to get new products to market faster.

To meet these challenges, designers of packaging and interconnects are turning to ceramic technology, such as thick film and low temperature co-fired ceramic materials and processes. These technologies have a long history of meeting the demands for reliability and performance required in military and aerospace applications, where they’re exposed to some of the harshest conditions on earth and beyond.

Providing designers with the right tools

DuPont’s advances in ceramic interconnect technology help ensure that designers have the tools they need to get high performance products to market quickly. These advances feature excellent high frequency properties, new fine patterning technologies and low cost conductor metallurgies.

You’ll find DuPont’s interconnect solutions for high speed and high frequency systems in applications for radar, telecommunications, satellite technology, and a host of others where a high level of reliability is crucial.