Thermal Management for Electronics

Thermal Management for Electronics

Effective heat management is the key to optimum performance, for applications ranging from LED lighting to power semiconductors.

DuPont offers thermally conductive materials which exhibit exceptional reliability under extreme temperatures as well as electronic inks that can print directly to a variety of conductive substrates.

The innovative DuPont AS series thermal management paste system consists of a series of screen printable pastes, compatible with aluminum heat sinks and substrates, that provide enhanced performance in terms of heat management, breakdown voltage, system simplification and operating temperature.

DuPont™ CooLam® thermal substrate, made with a proprietary polyimide dielectric specially designed and formulated to be thermally conductive, dissipates heat more rapidly and more reliably than conventional filled epoxy-based boards. With very low thermal impedance, and a maximum operating temperature of up to 180° C, CooLam® thermal substrates help ensure stable performance over a wide range of environmental conditions.