Kapton® FN

Kapton® FN general purpose HN polyimide film

DuPont™ Kapton® FN is a general purpose HN film that is coated or laminated on one or both sides with Teflon® FEP fluoropolymer.

Kapton® FN imparts heat sealability, provides a moisture barrier, and enhances chemical resistance.

Kapton® FN is recommended in applications that require a heat bondable film, or moisture and chemical resistance beyond the capabilities of uncoated Kapton® films.

Applications include:

  • Tubing
  • Heater circuits
  • Heat sealable bags
  • Automotive diaphragms and manifolds
  • Electrical insulation 
Physical Properties of Kapton® FN
property 120FN616 150FN019
Ultimate Tensile Strength, Mpa 207 162
Ultimate Elongation, % 75 70
Density, g/cc 1.53 1.67
Tensile Modulus, GPa 2.48 2.28

For complete information on Kapton® FN, view data sheet.