Kapton® Design Calculator

  Design Calculator  
  DuPont™ Kapton® RS Polyimide Film Heater  
  1. Input the Voltage, Outside Dimensions and Power Requirement: Power Density or Total Power  
  2. Select Update to calculate  
  Power Supply        
  Voltage V    
  Length cm    
  Width cm    
  Power Requirements        
  Power Density W/cm2    
  Total Power W    
  Heater Design1  
  Heater Zones       Electrodes        
  Number of Zones   Number of Electrodes    
  Heater Zone Area   Electrode Separation    
  Total Heated Area   Electrode Width    
  Expected Heater Performance  
  Heater Performance       Power Requirements        
  Total Resistance   Calculated Current    
  Element Coverage   Total Power    
  Static Tempearture2,3   Power Density4, 5    
  1 Design guidance for a heater using Kapton® 200RS100 only, may not provide the optimal output  
  2 Static Temperature is only reference for power densities less than 2.5 W/cm2  
  3 If necessary, use a heat sink and thermal interface to maintain film temperature below 240°C    
  4 A heat sink is recommendedfor power densities greater than 1W/cm2  
  5 A heat sink and thermal interface is recommended for power densities above 3W/cm2  
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