Kapton® RS

Kapton® RS for Thin, Flexible, Lightweight Heaters

DuPont™ Kapton® RS is an electrically conductive polyimide film developed for heating applications where a thin, lightweight, uniform heater is needed.

Heating applications such as temperature regulation in aerospace applications, wind turbine deicing, automotive interior heating and battery warming requiring light-weight, uniform or high temperature performance would benefit from this all-polyimide conductive film. This material is highly customizable based on current, voltage and desired temperature; in addition it can be easily cut into various configurations. Due to its polyimide composition, it is resilient to high temperatures, thin, and highly flexible.

The resistive property is inherent to the film, so it cannot be cracked, rubbed off or otherwise easily damaged. Its uniform resistance offers precisely controlled surface temperature and the Kapton® film is non-flammable, important in select applications due to safety requirements.

Applications include:

  • Surface Deicing
  • Automotive Interior Heating
  • Aerospace Temperature Regulation
  • Industrial Tube Heating
  • Composite Curing
  • Wearables
  • Consumer Appliances 

Maximum Continuous Operating Temperature: 240C

Introducing Kapton® RS All-Polyimide Heater

Typical Properties of Kapton® RS
Surface Resistivity ohms/sq 100 Four-point probe
Tensile Strength MPa >100 ASTM D-882
Elogation to break % 40 ASTM D-882

For complete information on Kapton® RS, view data sheet.