Printed Circuit Board Applications

Printed Circuit Board Release Film Enables Increased Yield

Tedlar® outperforms competition with optimal balance of high temperature capability, conformability, toughness and release from adhesives for PCB lamination – contains no silicone.

DuPont™ Tedlar® release films provide outstanding release from acrylics, phenolics and epoxies used in the PCB industry. Tedlar® films have excellent balance, high temperature capability, conformability, toughness and release from bonding adhesives. Its excellent conformability ensures uniform pressure and controlled squeeze out in vias. 

In the PCB industry, many users want to increase their press temperatures to reduce their production cycle in order to increase output. Tedlar® has been demonstrated to outperform many of the current release films used in this application, allowing the users to postpone expensive capital investment for new press capacity. In addition Tedlar® contains no silicone thus alleviating industry concern for potential migration to other substrates that come in contact with the release film which could cause downstream processing and end use issues.  


  • Tedlar® Protective & Decorative Films

    Durable, polyvinyl fluoride films that are used as a long-lasting finish for surfaces exposed to harsh environments.

  • Tedlar® Release Films

    When used as a release liner DuPont™ Tedlar® PVF films provide clean and fast release from high temperature, complex molds.

  • Tedlar® Flexible Adhesives

    Versatile acrylic adhesives developed for use in laminating Tedlar® PVF protective films to a variety of substrates.