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Because the world can’t wait

We provide sustainable solar solutions
with proven durability, reliability, and
efficiency that the world can count on

Better materials for a better future

The Choice is Clear

Innovate for the industry, the world, the future

Introducing Clear DuPont™ Tedlar® PVF film
for solar PV module backsheets. For greater
output and long-lasting protection, the choice is clear.

Performance, protection, and results

DuPont™ Tedlar®

Setting the pace for the industry, for the last 35 years

DuPont™ Tedlar® PVF film-based backsheets
maintain low 0.05% defect rates despite
being in the field over 35 years

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A 60-year legacy of proven performance

For over 60 years, the tested, trusted and proven performance of Tedlar® PVF film has continued to enable new possibilities through superior surface protection. See how the performance of Tedlar® has improved the way we live, travel and communicate since 1960.


Turning Goals into Reality: Making adoption of solar energy faster, easier, and possible for everyone.



DuPont has been in
the solar business for over
40 years.



Our materials have been rigorously field-tested for over 30 years



Our 200+ scientists work on innovating solar solutions day after day

Who We Are

Innovating With Urgency — Meeting the World’s Growing Energy Needs

We aim to increase the efficiency of solar panels well beyond the current 20% industry standard, and extend average system lifetime without compromising safety or reliability.


Driving the photovoltaics industry forward

For nearly five decades, we’ve been the leading PV materials expert. Today, our capabilities extend from materials to modules, including PV materials science as well as cell and module processing, architecture, and testing.

A long history of investing in innovation

While focusing on higher power output, we deliver greater safety, peace-of-mind, and lower risk. This means more predictable performance and higher financial returns from your solar investment.


We Make Materials That Matter

Trusted components for proven results

Our materials make a difference. We can meet the world’s growing demand for dependable, renewable energy with high-performing, proven, field-tested materials.


We Make Materials That Matter

Harnessing the sun’s energy more efficiently than ever before

We generate more power for those who need it most. We meet long-term needs across industries with highly versatile materials to create more power with fewer solar panels, providing greater energy over time.


We Make Materials That Matter

Committed to providing real-world results the right way

Our advanced technology focuses on the most important aspects of good solar materials: performance and longevity.


We Make Materials That Matter

Dedicated to doing a world of good

More than half the world’s 900 million solar panels have DuPont materials in them, and DuPont materials have been time-tested in more than 11 trillion panel-hours of outdoor solar field installations globally since 1975.





"As a result of our scientists’ dedication and commitment, solar cell manufacturers were able to make more efficient cells, [and] contributed to improved solar cell performance and lower cost of ownership."

Chuck Xu

Global Business Director, DuPont Photovoltaic and Advanced Materials


"We at SMUD are very proud of this endeavor, one of the first utility-scale solar arrays of its kind in the world. SMUD was able to get considerable use out of the Rancho Seco array, going well beyond the pioneering aspect to be utilized as a practical generation source for many years."

Eric Poff

Superintendent, Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD)


"It's becoming more and more evident, that cost is secondary, and that it is quality that is paramount. [And] DuPont participates in advancing quality in almost all aspects of the supply chain in the photovoltaic industry."

Rajaram Pai

Business Leader, E&C South Asia & Marketing Manager - DuPont Photovoltaic Solutions

Eric Wang, Business Director for DuPont Photovoltaic Solutions

“Market-driven innovations, customer intimacy and creating values make us stand out in the market. We strive to accelerate the adoption of solar power by providing proven power and lasting value for a sustainable world.”

Eric Wang

Business Director for DuPont Photovoltaic Solutions

- Kam Mofid, General Manager of Solar for Americas, Envision

“We are very pleased to collaborate with the DuPont Photovoltaic Solutions to create best-in-class analytics for PV module degradation and risk mitigation. Together, we are confident that we can develop very effective degradation analytics that all the key stakeholders in the industry can benefit from.”

 Kam Mofid

General Manager of Solar for Americas, Envision

Extreme Lab-Based Testing for Unrivaled Real-World Performance

Module Accelerated Sequential Testing (MAST) is the pinnacle of testing, the only of its kind, and uses real-world conditions and the impacts of long-term aging on PV modules.

MAST takes 6 to 9 months of simulated, extreme testing to ensure that our materials withstand harsh environments around the world. Because of this level of commitment. it makes it difficult for others to test as stringently as we do, and our material standards are therefore higher than the rest of the industry’s. Our materials endure:

0 Hours

in a humidity chamber
(25+ years of stress)


0 +

thermal stress cycles
(mimics weather patterns)


0 Hours

in an ultraviolet ray Chamber 
(25+ years of stress)


Long-Lasting Value

Our products deliver a more sustainable future, serving our customers, our world, and our future.
  • Longevity
  • Durability
  • Performance
  • Reliability
  • Value

Investment returns for solar can increase by more than 30% if the lifetime of the solar system can be increased from the industry standard 10 years to 25+ years.


“For us, power output and lifetime are key drivers. We need to use the best materials in our projects—proven materials that will last at least 25 years.”

-Jean-Luc Westphal, President, Hanau Energies Concept


Competitive backsheets can show defects after just 5 years, putting system performance, payback, and safety greatly at risk. Our backsheets have been rigorously field tested for over 35 years, maintaining durability and reliability.


When untested materials go into systems and fail, replacement costs go up. It’s important to select the right materials, the ones that matter.

One key driver for lower overall cost is an increase in the solar conversion efficiency of solar panels. Our products improve solar conversion by 23% with less degradation of components, compared to competitive materials.


Better efficiency means more power for less cost, transforming the homes and lives of hundreds of thousands of people with more affordable, more accessible, and safer electricity.


alt safe

Peace of mind and reliability are of utmost importance when considering solar module placement on rooftops, on your land, and other installations. DuPont Tedlar®-based backsheets, found in the majority of world-wide solar panels have proven to show little to no degradation, and the lowest failure rates in the industry - providing the highest level of safety and reliability when powering the future.


We created the benchmark for safety testing in solar materials for more reliable installations.

alt value

Our high-performance materials provide significant return on investment because of the savings realized through lower power degradation and subsequent replacement expenses.




Using inferior materials may seem cost-effective initially, but can lead to unexpected and potentially catastrophic failures.


The Materials That Matter To The World, To The Future

When Proven Performance Matters | Tedlar® PVF film-based backsheets

When Proven Performance Matters | Tedlar® PVF film-based backsheets

When Proven Performance Matters | Tedlar® PVF film-based backsheets

DuPont™ Tedlar® PVF film-based backsheets offer more than 30 years of proven, protective performance and a history of reducing overall system cost.

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