ProShield® NexGen®

ProShield® NexGen® Protective Coveralls Protect Against Non-Hazardous Exposures

Made with a microporous film that is laminated to a spundbonded polypropylene substrate, ProShield® NexGen® protective coveralls are suitable for helping protect workers who face the challenges of being exposed to non-hazardous light aerosols and dry particles in many industrial applications.

  • Provides a barrier against a variety of non-hazardous aerosols, liquids, and dry particles
  • Commonly chosen for use in automotive refinishing, waste cleanup, remediation, and sanitation engineering
  • Available in white
  • Garment and accessory styles include coveralls, lab coats, bib aprons, boot and shoe covers, and sleeves



  • EPA Guidelines

    Brief summary of the US EPA's (Environmental Protection Agency) "Level's of Protection (LOP)" as applicable to those individuals involved in handling hazardous materials. LOP's are based on the type of respiratory protection required to ensure the safety of the user under the specified conditions of use.


  • Industrial Safety

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