Bottom Anti-Reflectant Coating (BARC) - AR™ 10L

Product Category: Below Resists: oBARC--KrF BARC

AR™ 10L is an organic, thermally cross-linking bottom anti-reflectant coating (BARC) for 248 nm (KrF) photoresist. It is designed to provide a universal anti-reflective surface for high- and low-temperature resist platforms and offers excellent compatibility with most ESCAP HYBRID and Acetal resists. AR™ 10L is a conformal 1st min., 248 nm anti-reflectant and is typically used in the range of 400-1200A over transparent thin films on reflective substrates.


  • Approximate optical density=9abs/um
  • Conformal coating
  • Universal resist compatibility
  • 1st min film thickness=600A over reflective dielectrics
  • Compatible with common spin-coating and EBR solvents
  • Fast etching rate, typically 30-40% faster than DUV series photoresists
150 nm 1:1 Lines/Spaces

Figure 1: 410 nm UV135 on 60 nm AR™ 10L Fast Etch

150 nm Isolated Line

Figure 2: 398 nm SL4000 on 60 nm AR™ 10L Fast Etch

190 nm 1:1 Lines/Spaces

Figure 3: 520 nm UVN30 on 60 nm AR™ 10L Fast Etch

170 nm 1:1 Lines/Spaces

Figure 4: AR™ 10L Fast Etch Reflectivity Curve