CIRCUPOSIT™ 200 MLB Desmear Process

CIRCUPOSIT™ 200 Process is a patented 3-step desmear to effectively clean, condition and activate hole-wall surfaces.

CIRCUPOSIT™ MLB CONDITIONER 211 is an alkaline solvent for the pre-treatment of hole-wall surfaces prior to the use of a permanganate desmear

CIRCUPOSIT™ MLB PROMOTER 213 is a replenishable alkaline permanganate bath that effectively removes drill smear and debris wile texturizing remaining resin surfaces to facilitate consistently exceptional coverage, adhesion and joint reliability.

CIRCUPOSIT™ MLB NEUTRALIZER 216 effectively neutralizes and removes manganese residues from hole-wall surfaces.

    Key Benefits:
  • Optimizes resin removal rates across multiple resin systems
  • Removes resin in a controlled and uniform manner
  • Produces a textured resin surface ideal for electroless copper plating
  • Dramatically improves adhesion
  • Fast and effective neutralization
  • Elimination of hole-wall pull away and blow holes