DURAPOSIT™ Electroless Nickel 

AUROLECTROLESS™ SMT-520 Immersion Gold is the latest final finish product from Dow Electronic Materials. Designed to lower board manufacturer's ENIG process costs, while maintaining optimum reliability and performance. The product delivers uniform, fine-grained deposits of pure gold on substrates including electroless nickel and palladium.

ENIG deposits formed in conjunction with Dow's DURAPOSIT™ SMT 88 Electroless Nickel bath deliver excellent shelf life and solder joint performance.

    Key Benefits:
  • Up to 50% lower make-up and running cost
  • Flexible gold thickness control
  • Uniform and low porosity deposits
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Excellent bath life and stability (up to 20 MTO)

Tremendous Gold Cost Savings

Free of "Black Pad" Corrosion